The Day The Great Uni… Met another.

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Wednesday – 25.02.2015 – Varsity

Blue Bouncy Pitch, boys with top knots. It had to be Met… away. As the mighty Clique XI #UTC took to the unhallowed turf of Leeds Metropolitcan Poly Trent Hallam Spa Brookes John Moore Beckett ‘University’ took to the field they knew that this was the game. Sitting on a series of unfortunate and rather embarrassing losses to BUCS teams they clique were up for it #UTC. With the strong memory of only losing 1-0 at home to an undefeated side who had lost 0 points out of 18 possible the blood was pumping. #UTC. With a harmonious and deafening, sound defying huddle, the starting 11 took their positions, the mighty roar still echoing around them.

Then, The whistle

Norman was the first to play deciding to lob an areal right back at the purple mass of oncoming players. It has to be said that this happened continuously. Minutes 1,3,6,8,9,11 etc. and in a similar numerical sequence, Norman Newell threw the rock back over the heads of Met stopping them dead in their tracks. They were lost. The defence stayed solid and transfers were fluid and accurate despite the constant pressure of the Met and their speed up front. It was as if the boys tour places depended upon this result.

Casper, obviously, #UTC, was at the forefront of every attacking effort, throwing his unevenly weighted boy around the goal, nothing was going to get past him – not that much does. Merlot and Truelove used their Giraffe like physique and stretched the game high and wide, creating several opportunities that were unfortunately put to shame by Ron Weasley, holding up the rear. Treebeard and Chip unfortunately couldn’t get on the end of hard hitting crosses that put Met under pressure. They were beginning to crack. We were under their skin.

At half time the score was 0-0 and we deserved ever ounce of a clean sheet after the first 35. Feeling inspired by an enthusiastic and surprisingly coherent speech from Skipper Verginho, they were ready to pull off the shock result of the season. #UTC

They had no idea what was about to hit them. With some quick touch ‘liquid hockey’ Merlot found himself behind enemy lines with a fast approaching defence at his heels. The shot flew after a pain-stakingly slow swing and merlot, along with 3 defenders and the keeper clattered together in the D. But all we could see was the speck of white move inches wide of the right post.

It became apparent that this was the final straw for the uneducated #UTC. Twilight was edging his way in to a couple of bad books and one in particular a little too far. A stick tackle a little nudge left the untamed, brainless No 22 see red and decide, without any thought or reason to use his hockey stick as a weapon and whack innocent little Twilight in the back of his head. A yellow for twilight was the decision – a rather unfair and overly bias decision in the eyes of the supporters.

Uni were down to 10. fortunately, Met had other ideas and in true Vergin style picked an offensive areal above his head and saw yellow, evening up the match. Uni held tight only to give away a shorty with 25 seconds to go. Could they do it. Could Casper do it?

Of course he could #UTC. Under the ever growing pressure, the Met couldn’t communicate effectively and pushed the ball wide, wasting their last true opportunity to score and take the points.

They had done it. The first and only team to take points from a Met fixture and only the second team to not lose to Met this season. I think that deserves some Gold. Don’t you?

Vergin was happy… To the Fenton



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