Snakebite Challenge throws up surprises

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LUUMHC’s annual Snakebite Challenge again lived up to its reputation as one of the Club’s most entertaining social events. Arriving at the Fenton pub at 8pm the brave and enthusiastic members of LUUMHC were met by the glorious sight of hundreds and hundreds of the finest pre-poured pints of Snakebite that £15 per person could buy. After 6 pints had been collected each and tactics, strategies and pleasantries had been exchanged LUUMHC’s Social Secretary and Master of Ceremonies for the night, the unashamedly notorious and aptly-named Treebeard declared the start of SBC 2014.

Early excitement surrounded the valiant efforts of General Secretary Joe Dikwan who raced into an early lead. Having earlier led the 3’s to an outstanding victory over Newcastle Uni 2s, and enjoyed a few drinks on his way back to God’s own city, nothing seemed to be able to stop his charge towards a memorable victory. Alas, 3 minutes and 43 seconds later, the inevitable. Here’s how LUUMHC broadcasted the story via Twitter: Dikwan Heroics


In the following period there was a flurry of impressive finishers as brave freshers and experienced heads alike settled into their rhythm. One outlandishly courageous fresher by the name of Jamie thought he had completed this great challenge of endurance but fell by the wayside soon after in a nauseating fit of chundering. 
But the greatest surprise of the day was provided by Fresh Dog Chris Golding, whose monotonous dialogue has been known to put the most committed ravers at Beaverworks into a state of sleep, who stepped  up and was counted, finishing his 6 allotted pints around the 25 minute mark. Rumours have circulated regarding his claim to have kept the fresh Snakey down, but as yet his claim has yet to be invalidated. Ali Mannering was another to put in a performance worthy of a mention, finishing in just under half an hour, and wasting no time in eternalizing his acheivement by posing for a dire photo:


The final half hour of the marathon was characterised by continual chants employed to ensure the demise of a fellow competitor. Unfortunately, yours truly, having courageously battled through 5 pints, succumbed to such a conspiracy on behalf of Treebeard and his sidekick Pebbles. Following the expiration of the hour allotted for the sole purpose of Snakebite consumption, a band of the elite could be seen staying behind in the Fenton to hoover up what was left, and marvel at the sheer volume of vomit that had been regurgitated throughout the course of the evening. 

It is fair to say that LUUMHC, on Wednesday night’s, continues to deliver.

Jacko and Goldie survey the carnage

Jacko and Goldie survey the carnage

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