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After tragically losing a quite remarkable man to the MH17 flight, stealing away a bright, young individual on his way to Australia for an undoubtedly successful year abroad, LUUMHC want to show support and respect to a friend and an idol. Recently, the Mayne family were presented with his returned body and this marks the start of what will be a series of unforgettable acts in his name.

Having only known Rich as an acquaintance for his first two years at Leeds i will leave the rest of his housemates, team mates and family. Here are the various links to the relevant pages for the incredible projects he was working towards as well as those set up by his friends and family in commemoration. Click on his picture to see the work he was in the middle of and please show your support. RIPRich

“Leeds University Student Richard Mayne tragically lost his life aboard flight MH17. He was an extremely active student, not only socially, but also through the various sports he played especially rugby. He was an amazing guy who was unbelievably warm, kind, funny and loyal. His housemates have begun fundraising in his honour. They are welcoming anyone to propose a fundraising event for Rich and his legacy and will help them to head and run the event. All ideas are more than welcome. The first event, which the house will be taking on as a team, is the “Tough Mudder”. It is renowned as one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world. Rich had type 1 diabetes, which makes all of his achievements even more impressive. Rich’s family have therefore chosen Diabetes UK to be the charity that we raise for. Any donations are extremely welcome as we look to raise a considerable sum and make him proud. Thank you, Piers, Tom, Rob, Kane, Will, Doni and Jacob”

T and all of LUUMHC



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