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What an occasion. No matches for any teams meant one thing. 70 thirsty LUUMHC members descended on the Fenton to grace our gloriously dingy binning sanctuary. The challenge, 6 pints of snakebite and black, 60 minutes, no leaving the room, no use of the toilet, and no regurgitation of the beloved drink.


With around 70 people attending equating to in excess of 420 Pints, the Fenton was filled to the rafters. As seats were taken there was a late entrance that was met with a fierce round of applause…George ‘Treebeard’ Russell-Stracey had returned.


Anxious Freshers gathered their purple pints and sat nervously around tables, whispering to old boys for advice on how to devour all 6 in the time limit. An opening speech from Social Sec Rob Snorab set the tone for the evening, with a reminder for one and all…finish all 6 pints in under 5mins 49seconds and hold them down for the remaining 54 and you will enter the annals of LUUMHC history and become a legend amongst men.


After completing the Popina’s Mega Breakfast challenge the evening before to prepare himself for SBC 2016, Alex ‘Arg’ March was the odds on favorite and reigning champion. At 20:47 the hour began. Tactics varied with some going for the ‘1 half every 5’ minutes approach.


There was suddenly a roar from the Mighty Fives table. Freshling Johnny Gore was 5 pints down within 4 minutes…However being the silly fresher he is he chose not to take on the record, settling instead for the respectable time of 9:47:03 to take the win, making it 3 years on the bounce that a fresher has claimed the title of SBC champ.


6 minutes in and our so called illustrious leader Matt ‘fresher’ Shock blurted out that he ‘hates snakebite’ resulting in requests to bring back Woggy. We let him stay. On a final warning. Arg came in a respectable 2nd place in a time of 14:26:03 shaving 10 off his time last year, the same cannot be said for his waistline. His more boring coaching counterpart Chris ‘one girl’ Golding came in soon after, finishing in a time of 23:13:07. The 6s challenge came from Pidge and Fresher Rich finishing in times of 17:53 and 19:21 claiming 3rd and 4th.


The first victim was Virgen in the 27th minute. Sickened by the amount of money he has spent on Emma Booth to no avail and with the help of 6 pints he was KO’d. This caused a surge of chunder from numerous freshers and old boys. A personal highlight of the evening was young fresher Will ‘Ginger Binner’ Harvey regurgitating 3 pints worth of Snakebite onto Robbie Shmouldings leg, something many of us have been wanting to happen for considerable time.


With time beginning to run out Scoobs captain Dan Cullum was looking set to complete the arduous task, but as chants of “he’s the best medic in the club” rang around the Fenton, his final pint proved too much to handle, and leaving Will ‘Worms’ K-H content that he is somehow still the best medic boozer we have on offer. A depressing fact. Will Flett was there to mop up the pieces and take his boy Cullum home for some #FlettflicksandChill. The clock struck 21:47 and time was up. With all but a few feeble freshers finishing their pints the Fenton emptied and the lads descended on Strawbs to continue with the night.


Tune in to the clubs twitter (@LUUMHC) to keep up to date with the end of season drama that will be unfolding over the next couple of weeks. The 4s were crowned Northern 4B champs last Wednesday capping off a fantastic season from Pickett’s lads and the Scoobs need a win in their final game to secure league safety.


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