LUUMHC Annual S.B.C.

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LUUMHC Annual Snakebite Challenge

firstly i would just like to apologise for the delay on this post. But i hope that at the same time you are all released to hear that the Snakebite Challenge lives on… obviously.

As the legend goes, a member of this sacred club – man or God – has completed this challenge in less than 6 minutes. With few capable drinkers left in the club who would even consider this record, the 2015 60 minute challenge was looking to be looser than ever. Having relocated to our new and popular destination of the Fenton (shoutout), we vacated the local’s territory and took our business upstairs. This was to be the third venue change in 3 consecutive years for this glorious beverage consumption test. 6 pints of glorious Snakebite black and 1 whole hour to devour all 6. ‘Not that bad’ I hear you say. Well think again, if you please. While consuming your fresh pints you are not allowed to leave the room to visit the men’s room or redeliver your fruity concoction to the floor or table. Any of these actions result in instant disqualification.


#SBC2015 was set to go down in the history books as an excess of 60 nervous, experienced and confident members staggered into the top room and took their seats as the clock ticked down to the ever nearing doomsday. We were blessed with the return of Harry ‘Goldie’ Campbell and a much-needed appearance from Mike ‘Magic’ Kimberlin who bellowed obnoxiously at the freshlings in the pits of the floor below his appropriate placing of the stage.

Having had to readjust to this new location, things were teetering on the edge of disaster with some mutineers even suggesting moving it back a week (cheers Ruan). The clock stuck at 9:38pm and the anticlimactic countdown had begun. Despite extra efforts from the high table, there was a rather slow start to the challenge.

Early on, Jack ‘Casper’ Roadway (the best keeping in the world) was feeling worst for wear and after endless chanting called it a day – rather rudely – after ruining Sideshow Rob’s efforts.


After a rather average, boring effort, 4th team Judas and Rock ‘n’ Roll genius, Arg takes down his 6th and final to claim first prize in a meager 25:09:47. There’s nothing more to say than, cheers.

Next to steal the limelight was 6s assistant SS Will ‘Pidge’ Levy sinking his 6th in 30:48:47 showing that the true drinking capabilities sit at the lower end of the performance aspects. From our perspective, this is all that really matters. It’s not a BAD thing.

The next 15 minutes saw nothing but projection as one by one, the legendary challenge took its victims. Sometimes SBC2015 would take multiple contenders. Big Willy C, CC himself, Goldie, Bez, Rob Clarke, Doddsy, Piggers and many more silly freshers fell short of the finish. Cricket convert and occasional keeper, Richie did his new cub proud and finished close after Jamie Oliver in a time of 48:03 to take 6th and 7th.


With 10 minutes to go, chaos erupted and the stench of Snakebite was becoming unbearable. With stomachs and bladders at a similar state of ‘overfilled’ The bravest man in the club James ‘Wheato’ Wheaton sank his final. No one has ever seen him as happy as this before or since. A really, truly remarkable moment in the clubs history. Not 5 minutes later, Will ‘Gary Worms’ K-H wiggled his way in to the record books as one of the top 10 to complete this marathon drinking challenge.


The final finisher was pale faced fresher Andy ‘Mona’ Munn whose example of perfect timing (57:26) would go on to win the heart of Doddsy fanatic Mia Lois Dodd. But that is a story for another time.


Be sure to tune in to this marvel that was followed by other University clubs such as Manchester and St. Andrews. For more pictures go to @LUUMHC or follow the hashtag #SBC2015. We will have coverage of the Beer Olympics in a fortnight which will be worth a follow, if not more so than SBC.


Thanks for reading.



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