Hair of the Dog; a Movember’s Tale.

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Another year gone. 363 days to go until the next annual November social is upon us. We at LUUMHC pride ourselves on our inability to grow top lip facial fair and raise money, through our love of boozing, for one of the most overlooked charities in the country. This year we chose upon the continued theme of Mexicans (Old Boys) and a traditional Mexican delicacy – Nachos with all the trimmings (Freshers).


Highly Commended 12 week attempt for K Boddington


Champion Kimbo modeling a Monkey Tail model 1.0

The final Social was a great success and over the past month have raised £200. As well as this, the ever loyal Strawbs managers Kev and Yvette, donate half of what we raise to our given charity which makes the grand total a solid £300! On top of this, we wear our tashes with the utmost pride for a cause we have supported for years and years and always goes down well – especially at a University like Leeds where many others follow similar trends. As we award prizes for the best tashe, commended efforts and the ‘Gary Neville’ award

Gary Neville award goes to Matt 'Damon' Connolly

Gary Neville award goes to Matt ‘Damon’ Connolly

There are those who do not favour so fortunately in the facial hair department. We don’t want to disgrace or discredit, as these loving members still make no advances on the fluffy pubey stubble that is left to wilt on the upper lip for 30 days. they, to the best of their efforts, are raising awareness. If not for others, then for themselves.



Club legends: Casper and Beasty let their facial hair run free as they claim best effort awards.

Club legends: Casper and Beasty let their facial hair run free as they claim best effort awards.

Prostate cancer is a very serious thing, and we take our inspiration from our very own Kev Clarke (CEO Strawberry Fields Bar). We spoke to him on Wednesday evening and he quite delicately put:


“I look like a prick, to save your dick”

Movember is always an enjoyable social as we get to do what we love best and do it for a good cause. The next big roundup will be early in to the December month when we celebrate the clubs outstanding diversity and head to Akmals for the Christmas curry.

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