About the Club

Welcome to the official website of Leeds University Union Men’s Hockey Club, known to most as ‘LUUMHC’.

The club has been part of the Leeds University performance sports program since 2007 and since then has progressed rapidly becoming one of the best clubs in the University. Additionally with around 110 members a year and six teams we are the one of the biggest university sports societies in the country!

All six teams are fielded twice a week, once on Wednesday in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition, and once on Saturday in each teams retrospective league. On a Saturday, LUUMHC performance players (1st, 2nd and 3rd XI) have the opportunity to play for a merger side that includes players from Leeds Hockey Club and Leeds Beckett University. This aim is to strengthen hockey in Leeds and remove the stigma of playing for a university side at weekends. The overall aim of this merger is to attract a larger pool of talented players to Leeds and to promote Leeds as a great place to come and play hockey.

Next season, 1st and 2nd XI players will be playing North League hockey on a Saturday (1st XI – one below national league) and BUCS Northern Premier League B on a Wednesday as a university side. This offers a brilliant level of performance hockey on a regular basis. We have a full pre-season schedule starting on September 1st, including home and away fixtures, so please get in contact for more information (cc@luumhc.com).


The success does not stop at our 1st and 2nd teams, it can be seen throughout the club, from the 1st XI to the 6th XI and this whole club ethos is a very important aspect. In recent years we have seen the 5th XI promoted four times in four years, as well as promotions from the 3rd and 4th XI and we cannot forget the solid finishes from the 6th XI, who play against multiple 1st XI’s!

But there is so much more to LUUMHC than what happens on the hockey pitch. In the same way that legends can be made on the astro, so they can be made during our legendary social occasions. Whether its an organised social (every Wednesday night throughout the year), going for a drink with a couple of teammates or just turning up to watch another of the teams play, we strongly encourage our members to enjoy the social aspect of the club. We have the ethos of a club, rather than a collection of teams, under the same banner and so it is not unusual to have fantastic support from members who will turn up and watch other teams play. Everyone is interested in club success, particularly at the big events – Varsity or The Christie Cup. These two major events are a key part of the LUUMHC calendar and are not to be missed!

We always welcome new members of any ability, so even if you have never lifted a stick before please come along to a session. If you’re enthusiastic about the club we are more than willing to welcome you regardless of playing capability. If you are coming to Leeds in September and may be interested in joining, check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/luumhc) and follow us on Twitter (@LUUMHC) for more information on trials for the upcoming season, what to do if you cannot make them, and other general information about the club.

Check out our website and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Callum Clark
Club Captain 2016-2017

Outstanding training facilities

Situated just north of Headingley, at the University of Leeds Weetwood Sports Complex (aka. Fortress Weetwood), the club offers two high performance floodlit hockey pitches including our prestigious water based tiger turf pitch.

Large changing rooms, hot showers and post match facilities including our newly refurbished ‘Stand Bar’ all contributes to a lasting match day experience for not only the performers, but officials and spectators of the game.
Information of how to get to Weetwood can be found at the Contact us page.

All members also have ample opportunity to use ‘The Edge’ at the University of Leeds main campus. Including a 25 meter pool, 200 workstation gym (the largest of any University in the UK) and a specialist ‘Strength and Conditioning’ Room for all elite performers.

The Committee 2016/17


Callum Clark

Club Captain – cc@luumhc.com

Charlie Claisse

Treasurer – treasurer@luumhc.com

Max Galla

General Secretary – gensec@luumhc.com

Ruan Shah

Alumni Secretary –  alumni@luumhc.com

Ed De Blaby

Sponsorship Secretary  – sponsorship@luumhc.com

Dan Cullum

Kit Secretary – kit@luumhc.com

Will Harvey

Charity Secretary – maxgalla@live.co.uk

Elliot McGahan

Web and Communications Secretary – communications@luumhc.com

Dan Myers

Assistant Treasurer – ben.eastland@btinternet.com

Josh Mailing

1st XI Captain – george.wilkinson1995@outlook.co.uk

Daniel Shaw

2nd XI Captain –  danielcullum@hotmail.co.uk

Joel Haslam

3rd XI Captain – tom.slaney@hotmail.com

Dom Balian

4th XI Captain – mattypickett@hotmail.com

Daniel Williams

5th XI Captain – christymasterson@gmail.com

Ben McGilloway

6th XI Captain – sandy_k64@hotmail.com

Sam Williams

Social Sec  – social@luumhc.com

Callum Kent

Social Sec –  social@luumhc.com

Harry Topping

Social Sec – social@luumhc.com

Tom Rhodes

Fixtures Sec – fixtures@luumhc.com

Freshers 2016/17

You clicked.

This can only mean one of two things.

a) You had the uncontrollable urge to click the button, even though you are in fact not a fresher. In which case, you can leave now!

b) You are a new or prospective student and thinking about joining the greatest sports society at the University of Leeds.

If the latter, then welcome.

We, as a club, pride ourselves on accepting and welcoming everyone. regardless of ability, there is a place for you both on the pitch and especially off it. While playing some at some of the highest levels that University hockey offers, there is a strong bond within the club that makes the social atmosphere equally rewarding. Last season alone we had a number of players who had never picked up a stick and by the end of the 15/16 season had moved up two or three teams and were playing with and against players who had up to a decades worth of experience. If you are interested in playing hockey at Leeds then please do come and find us during the sports fair during the first couple of weeks of the first semester. We will be the ones having the most fun!

On arrival in Leeds there will be mass information sent to you from the university about certain events going on during freshers week. One of those is the Sports Fair which is usually two days early in the first week. These times and dates vary from year to year but it’s whereabouts will be made clear when you arrive.The Sports Fair is always held in the sports hall, which is inside the new Edge gym located at the back of campus (directions should be on signposts around campus, or just ask anyone for a nudge in the right way). We will have a stall there signing people up to trials, and it is also an opportunity for all incoming freshers to come and speak to current member about their experiences so far if you would like more information on life as a member of the club.

Trials will then be held on Thursday and Friday of that week. We were all in your shoes not long ago, so we know that obviously you have many events to attend during the first week so we run sessions all afternoon on both days. You need only turn up for a few hours to show a face, give a name and play some hockey. The trials are held at Weetwood Playing fields (aptly nicknamed The Fortress). Weetwood is up by Oxley halls at the far end of the Otley Road (more on that later).

The Anual Hockey Club Otley Run

This, by all accounts is one of the biggest days in our clubs social calendar. And by now, you will have spent the last 7 days with your new friends from halls going out in the evenings, but this is where,despite persuasion from them, you say…

‘I’m sorry (INSERT NAME HERE) I cannot go to (INSERT FRESHER NIGHT OUT), as I am attending one of the greatest days of my life with LUUMHC. Please carry on without me.

This will be a fantastic afternoon, in which you will get to meet everyone from both the men’s and women’s club. Enjoy a bite of Hockey and a large slice of LUUMHC social.

In the week afterwards everyone should be contacted by a captain inviting them to attend a relevant training session. Attendance to training is very important, particularly early in the season so the captains can get to know faces. The first fixture is usually less than 2 weeks after trials, which is a very short time to try and get a team gelled together for the beginning of the season.

Consider yourself a bit of a pro?

Pre-season for our top two sides gets underway in the first week of September. Although it is before the official move in date for halls of residence, as a club we encourage those who want to get involved in the action straight away and we are able to organise temporary accommodation for those interested.

For more information regarding pre-season or those who would like to be sent a fitness plan, please contact our club captain Alex March at ‘cc@luumhc.com’ where he will be able to answer all of your questions regarding the current season.

Leeds University Union Men’s Hockey Club

“Joining a society at University is highly recommended, to be a part of the greatest society at University of Leeds is a privilege.  Your team mates and fellow members become your closest friends and regardless of results, a great social atmosphere maintained throughout the season.”

Tom Archer, Club Captain 2012/13

“LUUMHC is  the best decision you will ever make! I almost chose not to play hockey at university, and to all you freshers out there, don’t make that mistake. It will be genuinely the best part of your freshers year and your university experience to follow. .”

Stephen Roche (1st XI  2010-2012)

 “Joining LUUMHC was one of the best decisions I ever made at University. Having never played hockey before, I was made welcome and found a level that suited me perfectly”

Alex Cox (6th XI).


    “LUUMHC was the most influential aspect of my social life whilst studying at Leeds University. It was an honour to form part of such an influential committee. Graduating with great friends (both past and present club members), I now form part of a valued alumni network.”

Josh Gunnell (1st XI Captain 08/09)