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Similarly to the boys in the 1s, the elite from the 2nd XI are carefully selected to represent Leeds Hockey Club 3/4. Big names such as Callum ‘Gary Growler’ Clark and Danny from Bolton Begbie represent Leeds Hockey Club getting frequent run outs on a Saturday.

BUCS Northern 3B

After relegation last season, the 2nd XI have started an unbeaten campaign and look to continue. Under the command of Danny Shaw, the boys are looking to gain promotion to once again compete in Northern 2B with the chance of lifting up the BUCS Northern Conference Cup also on the horizon.

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Match Report

Wednesday 13th November; enter brisk temperatures, overcast skies, and Jacko’s Mighty 2nd XI welcoming Durham 4s to Fortress Weetwood. On the back of 3 weeks of good hockey, the 2s wanted to take out another victory in the continued hunt for promotion.

The warm up was completed in nonchalant style. Final words were said; the game was cited as ‘must win.’ Hodgett was identified as not hungover, the Freshers intrigued as to what happens on the LUUMHC Charity Walk, and Berry unable to keep a reverse on the floor.

The 1st half saw Leeds dominate much of the game. Any promise shown by Durham was quashed by a formidable and composed Leeds defensive unit, complimented by equal poise in midfield, where Leeds held possession effectively, moving to three at the back regularly in the search for an opener.

In important situations, people look to their leader for inspiration. Cometh the hour, cometh Captain Jackson. Cited for his gag of saving shots on the line last week, omitted was another trait of Jackson’s for this season – short corner specialist. An off-target injection saw Jackson pick the ball himself; onlookers (approximately three in number) gasped as he set himself for the shot. Connection was made; the ball sailed into the goal. Memories of Hallam evoked, celebrations all round. But it wasn’t to be. Adjudged to have crossed the line above backboard height (confirmed by the bench at half time) the goal was disallowed, and the half continued.

The 2s continued to surge forward; Fresher Tyson continuing his imperious form to torment the comparatively immobile Durham defence with his speed, as well as the returning duo of Jack Tuckwell and Fresher Connolly, providing snipes into Durham’s D. With the introduction of “Magic” Mike Kimberlin to the fore, expectation was high of another poacher’s goal. Set at the back post, the ball was delivered from the right, but the final touch absent.

Half time saw a 0-0 scoreline, and with Opta Stats cited as “excessive” by the Union, the game looked decidedly equal, regardless of the pressure and dominance shown by the 2s. Coach Hugh cited two key points for the second half: keep the ball, and, when shooting, aim for the corners, not the keeper. Simple.

The second half was a different affair. Rallied by their talk at half time, Durham attacked with much more pace in the second half, breaking regularly on the counter. One such counter saw the ball fly past Keeper Hodgett, but continuing in recent form, Captain Jacko was present. Sadly, so was his body. The following penalty flick was despatched, and Leeds had a task in front of them. 1-0 Durham.

With the move to three at the back, the search for goals was on, much like Golding’s search for anything interesting to say. Continued pressure on the Durham D saw the award of another short corner; with no success so far, there was only one move for a time like this. With the wind flowing through his hair, Charlie “James May” Cox descended on the back post like Fresher Moirk descends on girls at Maluko. The ball was delivered, contact was made, and the crowd went wild. Scenes like this are rarely seen outside the Nou Camp. 1-1. Game on.

With less than 10 minutes on the clock as the 2s drew level, there was intense pressure to find a winner. But in accordance with this season, the 2s remained calm, retaining possession in midfield through Kenney-Herbert, Berry and Cox, until the opening came. Returning after injury, Jack Tuckwell, lead free to the top of the D. Fresher Worms delivered the ball with venom that only the Earth’s deadliest creatures possess, and Tuckwell got the deflection, sending the ball fizzing towards the corner of the goal. Sadly, the recent weeks spent on the sidelines left a little rust. The only man to salvage this situation was Andrew “Camel” Farenheim, retained after impressing in recent weeks. Using his nous to deflect a deflection, the 2s finally took the lead. 2-1.

Playing out the remaining 5 minutes in calm and collected fashion (ie. Parking the bus and keeping the ball in the 25), another “W” was deservedly notched up, as the Mighty 2s continued their hunt for promotion. Hawaaaaaay.


“Hope it’s suitably exciting.”

Season Review 2013/2014

The 2nd XI will be looking to improve from a disappointing 2012/13 season, which saw us relegated into the Yorkshire Premiership on weekends and only manage a mid-table finish in BUCS. I want to see us regain promotion on weekends and also push for promotion in our Wednesday BUCS league. Double promotion is a hard target but it is well within the reach of the 2nd XI. With many of the former 2nd XI players having graduated last year there will be a lot of spaces open in the squad for freshers to fill, and we are all looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals into the team. The 2nd XI play a high standard of hockey but we also have a fierce reputation on the social side of the club, and are always present in force at our weekly club socials. The 2nd XI has a challenging season ahead of us, but I am confident we can achieve our targets, both on the pitch and at the bar.

Alec Jackson

2nd XI Captain

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